Friday, January 11, 2013

My Birth Story - Part 3 Final Details

Here is part 3 of my birth story, mostly just little details that didn't make it into the final draft of the story itself.  Please feel free to ask any questions!

Other little tidbits I think it’s helpful to know

  • Some puking or pooing can be expected, especially during the pushy phases.  Apparently not everyone experiences this, but it was helpful to me to know that it does happen sometimes so I wasn’t grossed or freaked out when it did.  And, according to my team, birthing professionals are very used to this kind of thing and aren’t squeamish about it.  It’s important not to hold back.  Just picture things opening for your baby and try not to hold any tension.
  • Also don’t be afraid to use nipple stimulation to intensify the contractions when you need to.  It can be very effective, and the birthing professionals are used to it, so don’t be shy!
  • Eating and drinking during the birthing time helped me a lot too.  First, you get VERY thirsty during birthing.  And second, you really need your energy!  Finally, I think it helped me to remain calm and relaxed, as it was such a normal thing in such an extraordinary time.
  • We didn’t tell anyone when my birthing time began.  This was mostly just because it all went so quickly!  We actually had intended to.  However, looking back, I’m glad we didn’t, as it allowed us to take as short or as long as we needed and not worry about getting news to anyone.
  • Lastly, the decorating of the birthing rooms.  Before Ebba came, I printed out a lot of my favourite affirmations from the Hypnobabies program, things like “My body was made to give birth naturally,” and “My job is to simply relax and allow my baby’s birth to happen.”  I decorated these with some colourful swirlies and hung them in the two rooms we had designated for the birthing.  In addition, I put up some photos of myself when I was a baby, in my grandparents’ old living room with the whole family around.  They served partially as examples that this birth is connected to all that came before, as well as to remind me of a place where I felt completely relaxed and at peace (my grandparents’ living room with football on the telly and family all around. :) 

The only (tiny) regrets I have, that someone else might want to learn from

  • I thought the first stage of birthing would take longer, since I was a first time mum.  Because of this, I didn’t really rest right away.  I figured, I’d just go about my day and then go to bed early, like around 8 (the birthing waves started around 4.)  However, by 8, the waves were to intense to allow much dozing and sleeping, so I went into the birthing time with less energy than I probably should have.  My advice?  No matter what time of day it is when you feel those first little waves, take a nap!!!  Let your partner ready the house and everything else while you sleep.
  • Most of the post-birth photos of me are of my first attempts at breastfeeding, because I was very motivated to get her to latch.  However, there are some fantastic ones of her and Daddy just relaxing and looking at each other lovingly.  I wish I had taking more of a moment to enjoy baby before I shoved a boob in her face. :) 
If you'd like to read my birth story, you can go here.  And if you're interested in how I prepared, you can look here.  

Finally, sorry there haven't been any pictures to make these blog posts more exciting!  We're waiting for a new hard drive, because our computer is full, so all baby photos are stuck on the cameras! :)  But rest assured, pictures will be forthcoming asap.

Thanks for reading!


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