Thursday, February 14, 2013

A New Valentine

Love is a funny thing.  So many people, from Plato to Haddaway, have tried to tackle the burning question: "what is love?"  But I think the problem with finding an answer lies in the fact that Love is not an absolute.  It's not definable as one entity because it encompasses so many different facets.

For example, I love cilantro, my husband, my mom, and travelling, but the love I feel for each of those things is so different.  Should they even be called by the same name?  Surely my love for cilantro is much stronger than my love for my husband.  (Wait, no, maybe that should be the other way around. ;) )

Happy Valentines Day!!

When Ebba was born, I learned a whole new kind of love, something I hadn't ever felt before.  It's not just that I'd probably jump in front of a train for her (I'd probably do that for the ol' husband too if push came to shove).  No, this is bigger, the kind of thing that doesn't grow like relationship love, but rather starts gigantic and then seems to...swell, organically.  I think it's a feeling that can only come when you have something that relies on you completely...and for the most part, you don't mind. (What's the difference between Ebba and a deadbeat moocher?  Nothing, except that I don't mind Ebba's moochiness. :) )

So, tonight -- Valentines Day -- David and I went out for our first solo dinner (duo dinner?) since Ebba's arrival.  We left the babe at home with my parents and were gone all of 2-3 hours.  We lasted not even two hours into the meal before we whipped out our phones and started looking at photos of Ebba, saying things like "Look how cute her little nose is!"  That is something I hadn't experienced before, that kind of longing to see someone after only being away a few moments.  And when I returned home, the first thing I wanted (neeeeeded) to do was  just pull my baby up into my arms.  And then we snuggled awhile.

So, what is love?  My take?  It can't really be defined or captured, only experienced in all its different forms.  And my recommendation is the more chances you get to experience it, the better!

How was your Valentines Day?


PS - I don't think David and I will be out for many Ebba-free dinners in the near future.  We just missed her too much and I barely enjoyed the meal!  (Okay, some may call that codependence rather than love, but isn't the parent-child relationship codependent by nature at this age?)

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