Saturday, February 2, 2013

One Month In

It's time to wish a happy belated one-month birthday to my little bunny!!  Here is how she celebrated:

Bad lighting in this pic.  I'm not actually a zombie!

So, now that it's been a month and I know everything about motherhood (har har) I thought I'd write about what it is to be a mum.  If you're interested in seeing my post on what it is to be pregnant, you can look here.

Being a mum is:

  • realizing that you know nothing about being a mum.  :)
  • Taking 3 days to finish a blog entry :)
  • feeling more emotions at once than you ever have before: pride, joy, terror, exhaustion, awe, love, frustration, confusion, elation, amazement...  All. At. Once. :)
  • talking about your baby's poop to more than just her Dr., even though you vowed you would never, ever do that.
  • quickly amassing a whole list of other things you "would never, ever do" but now do: 
    • spending whole days in pajamas (and I mean several days in a row in the same pajamas)
    • Watching TV with the baby in the same room (okay, she's asleep when that happens, but still)
    • freaking out about every little thing - "is she sleeping enough?  Is she sleeping too much?  Isn't she only looking to the left?  No, wait, today she only looks right!!  oh god!"
  • having your sleep deprivation whisked away when you lie next to your baby, and she smiles at you in the moonlight
  • sleeping for days on sheets covered in baby-pee and spit-up because you just haven't had a chance to strip the bed yet.  And, really, she's just gonna spit up on the clean sheets as soon as you put them on anyway, so why not just keep these on until she's past the baby spit-up phase? :)
  • consuming only foods that can be eaten with one hand
  • doing all of your own business (including toilet business!) in a hurry while sing-song-ing "Mummy's here!  I'll be right there!"
  • feeling like you have a million and one things to tell people you haven't seen in awhile, then realizing it all consists of your baby's sleeping, crying, and pooping habits
  • measuring a day's success by what baby is wearing.  If she's in a cute 2-3 piece outfit, it was a good day.  If she's in a 1-piece sleeper, it was a pretty stressful day.
  • appreciating your partner more than ever before
  • feeling a part of a new, exclusive mummy club; exchanging knowing smiles with other mums you pass on the street
  • and experiencing such a new kind of love like you've never felt before that makes everything (including the pee-stained sheets, poo-namis, and midnight cry-fests) worth it
Surprise, surprise, being a mum is tougher than being pregnant.  But that doesn't make it any less wonderful!  In fact, it's more amazing than pregnant-me could have ever imagined.

So, happy one-month of life to Ebba and happy one-month of motherhood to me. :)

Thanks for reading,


  1. I second the lack of sheet-changing! What is the point? It will pass, and it will only be once a month or so that there is baby pee on your bed! As Frank has said, "For some reason, though I would never sleep in my own pee, it seems to be okay to sleep in baby pee." Cause everything gross is less gross when it is your baby. Like, picking boogers. And getting sh*t on your hands. :)

  2. Great post, and happy one month to you and the Ebbsta.

  3. The sing-song voice thing made me laugh... I do that almost compulsively now, every time I step away from the baby: "I'm right here! Can you hear me? Hi, baby!" That, and always swaying side to side while standing, even when I don't have a baby strapped to me. :)