Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two Months is SHORT!

Well, we're here. It's been two months since Ebba took her first swim on this side of my perineum, since she gurgled out her first cry, and since she released all her meconium into her daddy's lap. :)

It's been quite the journey, even just so far.  Ebba says it's been exhausting putting up with us:

There is something a bit bittersweet about reaching the two month mark.  It's kind of a milestone, and it acts as the border between measuring Ebba's age in weeks and measuring her age in months.  She's old now.  In a week's time, she won't be 9 weeks, she'll be 2 months.  And in 2 weeks, she won't be 10 weeks, she'll still be 2 months.  If I want to be snarky I can say "two and a half months."

I used to get annoyed at parents who still gave their 1-year-old's age in months, but I understand it now.  The smaller the unit of age measurement, the smaller your baby.  I don't even know how I'll feel when we hit the year mark and have to give up months.  As far as I'm concerned, Ebba is 59 days old today, not two months.  And when she is 1 year, she'll be 365 days old.  When she's 18 years old, she'll be 6570 days old.  Okay, that's a bit crazy, and besides, I'm too lazy to calculate for leap years.  Maybe at 18 I'll have to start measuring in months. :)

In honour of this landmark birthday, I decided I would make some parenting resolutions.  Since Ebba was born on New Years Eve, I didn't really make any resolutions this year.  For these resolutions, my goal is to make them manageable and reasonable.  No more, "I'm going to be the perfect mum!"  So, here goes:

  • I'm going to smell the top of Ebba's head at least five times a day so I never forget what it smells like.  (sunshine and strawberries, for those who were wondering!)
  • I'm going to snuggle with Ebba during a nap several times a week, instead of putting her down and rushing off to clean up the kitchen or put away the laundry.
  • I'm going to have at least one conversation a day with her, without anything distracting me from her little sounds.
  • I'm not going to stress about schedules too much.  Ebba knows what she needs when.  (Though, she does need a little help knowing it's nap time sometimes!)
  • While I'm not stressing about schedules, I am going to try to bring in some more routines, so the lead up to bed and bath and other big events is always the same each time.  (I keep forgetting to read our bedtime book before bed! oops! :) )
I think that's enough for now. :)  Any other mommy resolutions out there?


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  1. I especially like the one about giving up being a perfect mom!